Lease your dream bike with JobRad

You can easily choose and order your JobRad via ListNRide. If you are still unsure which bike is right for you, you can contact our team of experts. We will be happy to advise and help you.


ListNRide helps you test-ride and purchase your dream bike via JobRad

With the help of JobRad, you as an employee can order a bike through your company.

The good thing about it?
Due to the tax advantage you not only get your bike cheaper, but it is also deducted from your salary in monthly instalments. AND you can not only ride your dream bike to your job, but can also use it privately.

Improve your fitness

Your JobRad not only brings movement into your life, it also lets you catch some fresh air

Go when and where you want

With your JobRad-financed bike, you're no longer tied to buses and trains. Just ride!

Protect the environment

Your JobRad produces much less CO2 emissions than a car, and also makes no noise

How do I get my JobRad?

Your employer does not yet offer JobRad:
Contact your employer and inform them about JobRad. Only after the contract between JobRad and your company is signed, you can order your own company bike. Don't worry: JobRad is cost-neutral for your employer.

Your employer offers JobRad:
Via ListNRide you can choose different bikes from brands such as Angell, BZEN and Mokumono on JobRad. If your company already has an agreement with JobRad, you can then contact ListNRide. We will make you a non-binding offer and send it directly through JobRad. You can then login with JobRad using your employer's email.

You will receive a message from your employer that will take you to the JobRad offer. There you can view and confirm your offer. After that, you only have to wait for the delivery of your JobRad.

Lease your dream bike with JobRad today!Through ListNRide you can choose and order a bike from several brands. Currently offered brands are:
Not convinced yet? Test-ride the best e-bikes on the market with ListNRide ListNRide is the place to test-ride different e-bikes. Explore our wide collection of brands, get expert advice in person, and try your dream bike for one hour, a day, or an entire weekend.