Rent a vintage road bike for the VeloClassico Germany!

listnride is the official provider of bike rental for the VeloClassico Germany

Rent a vintage road bike for the VeloClassico Germany!

Why bring your bike, when you can rent it?

The VeloClassico Germany is a relatively new, but already legendary cycling event in northern Germany, leading riders through the lakes of Mecklenburg through 4 beautiful routes. The start and finish is in Castle Rumpshagen, only a quick 2h train ride from Berlin.

Enjoy a unique experience with these rental bikes!

Logistics, logistics, logistics. Unless you’re already living near Berlin, carrying your bike to Castle Rumpshagen will be quite the logistical challenge. So why don’t you simply rent a bike? Save yourself time, trouble, and money by simply renting a bike. They will be ready-to-go at the starting line at Castle Rumpshagen!

There are four interesting routes at the VeloClassico Germany:
• Happinez Course (30km)
• Gourmets Course (50km)
• Enthusiasts Course (90km)
• Hero Course (110km)

Bikes for this event will be available soon
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