Rent a high-end road bike for the HAMBURG WASSER World Triathlon!

listnride is the official provider of road bike rental for the HAMBURG WASSER World Triathlon

Rent a high-end road bike for the HAMBURG WASSER World Triathlon!

Why bring your bike, when you can rent it?

Logistics, logistics, logistics. Unless you’re already living in Germany, carrying your bike to Hamburg will be quite the logistical challenge. So why don’t you simply rent a bike? Save yourself time, trouble, and money by simply renting a bike. Group bookings available here!

Set yourself a Personal Record with these unique and fast bikes!

Simply choose the bike you'd like to rent for the event, then follow the on-screen instructions. In a few clicks, you'll have rented the bike!

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We are partnering with numerous events across Europe to offer bike rental at the starting line, making it easier for you to take part in awesome races without the need of bringing your own bike!

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