Test ride the newest bikes in Munich!

listnride will give you access to the newest innovations in the cycling world - for free

Test ride the newest bikes in Munich!

How to take part and test the newest bicycles:

Taking the current regulations into account, we offer you to test ride the latest bikes and innovations via Click & Collect - for free. Book here a time slot of one hour for Saturday (24.04.2021) or Sunday (25.04.2021) from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm and test your way through the selection of bikes.

These exciting bike brands will be available for you:


Rent and test ride bikes from popular and innovative brands. These and other brands, like BZEN and FAZUA will showcase their latest bikes and you will have two days time to test all the bikes on multiple urban test tracks fitting each bike category. Because test rides can be exhausting and make you hungry, we have organized Vollgasriegel for you - perhaps the healthiest energy bar in the world! These bio-energy bars are not only healthy but also super tasty! In addition, Yeply will be at the location - the mobile bike workshop, which will inform with interesting and important tips around the bike care and repair!

Join us for the Test and Ride this year and book your free timeslot!