Make a powerful statement

Connected, smart, stylish, sophisticated, confident, passionate, innovative, durable, down-to-earth, playful, human & friendly. The Veloretti has all the features to become the next big thing in city commuting. They are smart, stylish, and playful—packing all the punch of a fully connected model into our distinctive and timeless design philosophy.



Natural, smooth, and powerful. The 65nm torque mid- engine gives you all the power you need. Because the engine is directly connected to your pedals, it automatically adjusts its power to your torque instead of speed. This gives you the most natural electric biking experience there is.



The step-less Enviolo system automatically shifts gears so you can focus on traffic and your surroundings. The shifting feels natural and adapts to your behavior while biking. Hills, bridges, or mountains are no challenge for you. Considered as the ultimate bike riding experience.



With 504 Wh and a range up to 120km, our in-house developed battery is ready to go the distance for you. Need a recharge? Not a problem. The removable and smart battery pack is easily detachable and rechargeable with any electrical power outlet. Oh, and it only needs a power nap to get through the week.

Rent and test-ride the Veloretti Electric today!

Veloretti electric bikes pack all the punch of a fully connected e-bike into a classically stylish bicycle, hand- made in Amsterdam. We have not lost track of the European cycle heritage our brand was built on, instead we’ve embraced it. This is what sets us apart from the pack and pushes us into the future — a cutting-edge electric bike designed to fit our audience’s lifestyle. We introduce a top notch e-bike in the market for an accessible retail price.

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