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Rent and test VELLO E-Bikes in Berlin & Munich

The VELLO BIKE+ sets a new standard: using four electronic sensors, the energy supply is optimized for use, and activated only when you need it. When climbing uphill the power is there to assist you, and when you’re cruising downhill energy is recovered and fed back into the battery. The combination of a lightweight (from 10.9kg) folding bike, with a unique power system which gives you unlimited support, makes this the ultimate means of urban transportation. battery power.


4 Different Models

VELLO bikes are available in 4 different models, with e-drive and without: "Urbano", "Rocky", "Speedster" und "VELLO BIKE+". All models offer the best of urban riding, and come with high-end city, trekking, or road bike components.


Patented Folding Mechanism

With an ultra-portable design, the VELLO is the lightest E-Bike on the market (clocking in at less than 12kg/ 26lbs), and capable of folding down to suitcase size for easy transport and carrying.


Unique E-Drive

This unique power system harvests energy during braking and coasting downhill, similar to many hybrid systems, but also converts mechanical energy into electrical energy thanks to the Integrated Kinetic Energy System (K.E.R.S.).