Elegant and light E-bikes for the city. The TURBINE Bike with power regeneration.

Does an e-bike need to look like an e-bike? Turbine Bicycles doesn't think so. They have developed an extraordinarily light and elegant version of an e-bike. The urban retro look of these bikes makes them timeless classics.


Low Weight

They save not only on energy, but also on weight. Whether it's the frame, motor or battery: the bikes are optimised through and through. So you can carry your new favourite bike up and down stairs without any problems.


Energy Regeneration

You win some, you lose some. The ingenious energy regeneration gives you energy every time you idle or pedal backwards, for maximum battery life.


Steel frame & Classic look

High-quality steel frame and slim motor make the e-bike recognisable as such only at second glance. Because for Turbine Bicycles, technology should not be obtrusive, but rather fit in as seamlessly as possible.

The smart energy regeneration

The Turbine transmission with K.E.R.S. supports you whenever you need it. The highlight: when you're going downhill or even just rolling towards a red light in city traffic, all you have to do is pedal backwards or press a button on the optional remote control and the integrated K.E.R.S. activates the motor brake and recharges the integrated battery. This gives you the power you need uphill, and downhill you can simply get the used energy back.

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