JOKO MAKES SUSHI: how new e-bikes make green mobility affordable in cities

The SUSHI BIKE is the e-bike for the city. It gets you from A to B quickly, in a relaxed manner, without the stress of looking for a parking space. At the same time, it fulfils everything you expect from a contemporary bike: Design, practicality, easy handling. And at a really great price: SUSHI BIKES cost only half as much as an average electric bike.


Mobile battery technology

Small and handy, you can hardly see it. The SUSHI battery could also be a drinking bottle. And it is just as easy to remove, charge and use as a power bank.


Not a single gram too much

While normal e-bikes often weigh over 25 kg, SUSHI BIKES don't have a single gram of fat and, at less than 17 kg, are hardly heavier than normal bikes without a motor. You feel this when riding, handling and, of course, carrying. Everything is child's play!


Perfectly synchronized components

Whether it is the motor and battery, frame and add-on parts, saddle, handlebars and pedals - the SUSHI BIKES team has put a lot of thought into the selection of components. You get exactly what an e-bike needs for the city.

Rent and test your SUSHI BIKE today!

By the way: every SUSHI BIKE comes with lights (conform to the StVZO and rechargeable via USB), reflectors, and a chain guard. This way you're directly equipped for the urban traffic. Learn more at sushi-bikes.com

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