Muli cycles: More than just a cargo bike..

The muli is the perfect companion for daily adventures in the urban jungle. A compact, agile, clean design.


Compact and agile

Short and flexible like a city bike - strong like a cargo bike. The muli fits perfectly into the city and is fully compatible with the existing transport infrastructure. Tight corners, small parking space, taking the lift to the platform - no problem.


Like magic - the foldable cargo basket

One pull on the blue handle...and the muli unfolds its full potential. The child seat for up to 2 children is hooked in within seconds, the load is protected just as quickly by a rain cover. In the twinkling of an eye, the basket can be folded up again and locked into place.


Fair for people and the environment

The muli is manufactured entirely - from frame construction to final assembly - under fair working conditions, locally and sustainably at muli-cycles in Cologne. This approach is unique and is being consistently developed further.

More than just a cargo bike!

The muli is the perfect companion for daily adventures in the urban jungle. Since 2016, muli-cycles has been refreshing the cargo bike market with a new, unique concept and local, fair and sustainable production in Germany. The muli stands out with its compactness, agility and clean design. From transporting children and dogs to doing the weekly shopping, everything is possible. And when the work is done, just fold up the basket, hop on the metro and park it in the bike rack in front of your door or in the hallway. Easy!