Moto Parilla – Carbon SUV E-Bikes designed in Italy

The perfect blend of design, engineering and art delivered in a revolutionary new mode of transportation. Book one on listnride today!

Oversized Tires

Offering better balance for beginners or casual riders, these fat tires will take you places you've never been before. The oversized tires provide improved grip and traction on the most challenging terrain.

Comfort and Design

Due to its commanding presence, the Carbon SUV is bound to make an impression on friends and people you pass along the street. Riding such a bike is the only way to understand why everybody is talking about it - it's an experience like no other.

Electric Motor

Pedal-assist or throttle modes offer you the most comfort when commuting, providing a smooth ride without the need to pedal. The throttle override toggle allows the rider to add power in any driving mode.

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Moto Parilla Carbon Club SUV E-bike
30 €/day 180 €/week
Size: 175-185 cm
175-185 cm
30 €/day 180 €/week

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