Test-ride the Mokumono e-bike: designed, engineered, produced in the Netherlands!

Mokumono strives for a 100% European bicycle. Radically different and sustainable manufactured, made for years and years of carefree riding. Proudly made in the Netherlands, the Mokumono challenges the status quo of cheap, mass-produced frames in Southeast Asia.



A Mokumono is a sustainable investment, designed to last a long time. But bicycles that never break down do not exist. Their constant search for the best maintenance-free solutions and on-site service minimizes the risk. That’s why one can say with certainty: Mokumono, guaranteed carefree riding.



Our frames are made of aluminum. That’s for a good reason: the comfortable driving behavior of the unique Mokumono frame is enhanced by it. Moreover, aluminum is almost 100% recyclable without loss of quality.

 The bikes are assembles with the best - where possible European-quality components. No concessions at this point.



There was a time in which The Netherlands had a thriving bicycle industry. Made-in-the-Netherlands stood for quality and craftsmanship. Mokumono wants to bring back that lost tradition, believing in the innovative power of the Dutch manufacturing industry, sustainable production techniques, responsible material use, and short production chains. That is why they chose to go a different path.

Rent and test-ride the Mokumono e-bike today!

Mokumono bikes promises guaranteed carefree riding. A bicycle is not a disposable product. Mokumono designed their bikes with that in mind: recognizable eye-catchers on the road, with unprecedented driving characteristics and uncompromising quality components. Learn more on the official Mokumono product page.