From city streets to sandy beaches. LEKKER Bikes know a thing or two about getting around. Born on the streets of Amsterdam and made for the international rider, you can catch them cruising from Sydney to San Fran. LEKKER Bikes is all about quality, comfort and practicality. They put their riders first and leave the glitchy gizmos behind. The result? No-fuss, low-maintenance, and stylish bicycles that are built to last. Join the (test) ride and make the journey the destination.


Dutch Design

A widely acclaimed Dutch Bicycle Design, but adapted for the modern rider. LEKKER Bikes are built to last, so that your children and your children’s children can enjoy the ride for years to come. With 100% aluminium frames, rust proof materials and high-end components; they’re tough to beat. Designed in Amsterdam with components carefully selected from some of the world’s most renowned brands (Shimano, Gates, Spanninga, Tektro); your bike can be served wherever your adventures take you. And now, you can experience what it is to move the Amsterdam way for yourself. All LEKKER bikes are now available for test rides at all ListNRide Experience Centres.


Amsterdam Series

LEKKER Bikes offer 2 series of eBikes; the Amsterdam series and the Jordaan series. Kicking off with the Amsterdam series; stripped back, sleek and stylish, these models are all about a smooth ride. The Amsterdam+ is the ideal lightweight urban cruiser. And with a single gear, you won’t waste time shifting between them; simply push the pedal and the rear motor will intuitively kick in. The Amsterdam GT is the perfect commuter bike; allowing you to travel further, for longer. The perfect fusion of top-of-the-rage components, including a seamless Enviolo hub and a powerful Bafang M420 mid-drive motor. Experience the smooth, sleek ride for yourself in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, or Düsseldorf, at one of the ListNRide Experience Centres.


The Jordaan Series

The Jordaan series incorporates the quintessential vintage Dutch bike design, with all the modern bells and whistles. The Jordaan+ is all about comfort, practicality and effortless style. With a lightweight aluminum frame, integrated battery, front and rear carriers, a powerful front motor and an integrated handlebar lock; it ticks all the boxes. The Jordaan GT has the same modern classic design as the Jordaan+; but with a few upgraded components that pack a punch. Fusing a powerful and silent mid-drive motor, Gates CDX belt drive, and a seamless Enviolo hub; this eBike exudes quality. See what the hype is all about and take one for a (free) spin at one of the ListNRide locations.

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