Kostka: Make the first move!

Riding a footbike is a unique physical activity that has become very popular amongst all age groups. Come and join us!


Why a footbike?

People have constantly been coming up with new means of wheeled movement since the invention of the bicycle. But they forget that beauty and power lie in simplicity. Such is the footbike. You simply push off and then you are travelling with the wind in your hair. Take your foot off the deck and you are instantly a pedestrian. Riding will stretch your body, you need to spend a lot of time on maintenance and you will be a source of amazement for passers-by.


Health on two wheels

A footbike is natural. During a relaxed ride – when you can look around at the surrounding nature – you will also stretch out your body without even knowing it. You will exercise without being aware of it. If you pick up the pace slightly, you will start strengthening your muscles and burning fat. Shaping parts of your body and losing weight. All of this can be achieved using a very undemanding regimen



An electric motor can help, if you are lacking fitness, you have a health condition that prevents you from exerting yourself or you simply do not want to or cannot get sweaty. However, a footbike is not a scooter; our models still require you to push off. Caution! Riding a footbike with the assistance of an electric motor is highly addictive.

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We are a Czech manufacturer with a more than 20-year tradition.

KOSTKA footbikes are manufactured in the Czech Republic. We use the latest technology ranging from computer 3D modelling to laser cutting, NC bending and robotic welding. Our own research department is constantly working to improve our existing footbikes and develop new models.