FUELL: Freedom. Urban. Electric. Love. Life.

Weave through the traffic without breaking a sweat, without polluting the air or making a sound. FUELL Flluid is the e-bike that will radically change how you get around. Beautifully designed, robust, and efficient, Flluid is designed for city and limitless adventures, moving you in silence and in style.


Internal geared hub

Maintenance free internal geared hub with shift sensor and silent carbon belt drive - never worry about a chain dropping or gears clicking again!



At the fingertips, you have control over the ride through its five modes. Bonus: you can easily charge your phone through the USB charging port!


Two removable batteries

Flluid has 2 removable batteries, with which you can reach up to 200km with only one charge! Recharge 80% in 2.5 hrs, and 100% in 5 hrs.

Choose a test-ride location

Rent and test your Flluid today!

FUELL believes that the future of transportation is on two wheels with green power. Their mission is to create a connection between the rider, the vehicle and the environment. This means freedom in moving while saving the environment! Find out more about it on FUELL.

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