FAZUA: The lightest and most compact drive system in the industry

Lightweight, integrated, natural, hybrid. Thanks to the slim in-tube solution, bikes fitted with Fazua have a natural, non-motorized appearance. A unique natural riding feel with no mechanical resistance above the legal speed limit makes this system perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a brisk ride. And you can even ride your bike without any electric assistance at all!



At just 4.6kg, the modular battery and drivepack is a light and compact e-motor system. Expand your horizons without the weight penalty!



The slim design makes bikes with the integrated FAZUA system look unmotorized at first glance. Your bike remains as elegant as ever.


Natural riding feel

The unique system provides zero resistance when riding without assistance or when riding above 25km/h. Just like a normal bike!

Rent and test ride the FAZUA system today!

FAZUA system is the perfect fit for riders who are looking for subtle assistance, but still maintain a desire to feel strain on their muscles. Whether it’s a gravel, road, mountain or city bike, FAZUA is the ideal system for active lifestyles.

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