Fara Cycling
Premium Adventure Bikes

Founded in Norway by ex-pro Jeff Webb and a group of cycling and design enthusiasts, we make bikes that manifest the design virtues of simplicity, honesty and quality. They give you the freedom to ride everywhere.


Proven by experts

Ridden in the harshest conditions and reviewed by the most critical of consumers: the cycling media, Fara bikes gets five star ratings and fantastic results. Excelling in ultra races such as Transcontinental and Badlands, our bikes can take anything you throw at them.


Fast, fun and functional

Made for adventure, our bikes are optimal for fast bikepacking. With practical solutions such as hidden mounts for fenders and integrated bags, they are true adventure vessels. They take on weight and are comfortable for long distances. They are light-weight and responsive, making them fun to ride for the smaller journeys too.


Wider tyres for road & gravel

All of our bikes have class-leading tyre clearance to enable use of a large range of tyres, including studded tyres for riding on snow and ice. Wider tyres have proven to be more comfortable and thereby faster over longer distances on most surfaces.