The BREKR Model B, the first logical electric urban moped, hand built in the Netherlands. An electric bike that seamlessly merges past and future into an awesome, individualistic yet logical design. Recognisable yet new. Clever whilst rugged. Combined with a low center of gravity and a lightweight aluminium frame, every ride becomes unforgettable. Take the BREKR for a test ride: we’re sure it will make you smile.



BREKR uses bravery, insights, creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo in urban electric mobility. At BREKR, they see change as a chance, to build on what everybody loves. The new reality BREKR creates is a combination of the beauty of yester-year and a cutting-edge, bold and honest design which embraces the future. Let’s ride!



BREKR Model B has the capacity to house two removable batteries. A single battery has a capacity of 2,0 kWh, allowing you to cover a distance of 50 to 80 kilometers. Adding a second battery increases this range to 100 – 160 kilometers. Its unique aluminium frame means BREKR is 10 to 30 kilograms lighter than the average scooter, increasing your range even further.



BREKR stands for the optimal riding experience. Ensured by large 17” wheels, a low center of gravity, a lightweight aluminum frame, and powerful front and rear suspension. The BREKR Model B is a tribute to the past as well as a representation of the future; the age of urban electric mobility. In other words, a combination of the best we know and the best yet to come.

Specifications of the BREKR models available at ListNRide

To rent and test the BREKR bikes, simply book a test ride and take it for a spin at one of our Experience Centers!

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